Are You Seeking An Alternative To Your Divorce?

Sometimes things just don't work out like you thought they would. If your marriage has reached a place where you and your spouse have decided that you need to part ways, you should know that you have options.

At Cofiño Trial Law, we will work with you, educate you about your options and guide you through your divorce or any other option you choose with understanding and skill. An attorney will sit down with you and listen to your circumstances and your hopes. Traditional divorce is not always the optimal solution, and we give our clients the information and options they need to make a strategic decision for their futures.

Parting Ways With Divorce Alternatives That Are Tailored To Your Family

Some of the options to be considered as you consider a divorce include:

  • A collaborative law or mediation process allows you and your to work with a neutral third party to put together a proposed divorce agreement, rather than having a judge decide for you in court. This gives you the most control over the outcome and how the divorce will frame your future and that of your children. It is often much less contentious and less expensive.
  • Postnuptial agreements allow spouses to simply separate their assets and income. This is generally used for financial planning purposes, even if the couple does not wish to actually divorce or separate. This agreement will outline the assets and rights of both spouses.
  • Some couples do not wish to live together anymore, but for religious or other circumstances, still wish to remain legally married. A legal separation will provide structure for this arrangement, protecting the interests of both as they go their separate ways for all other intents and purposes.

It does not matter what type of family law dispute you face, we can help create a roadmap to help you achieve a more healthy and financially sound future. Our family law lawyer is skilled in working with the law to create solutions that meet your needs and your goals.

Our founding attorney Pedro A. Cofiño is a Florida Supreme Court certified family mediator.

For more information on alternatives to a traditional divorce, contact Cofiño Trial Law online or call our Miami Beach, Florida, office at 305-222-7389 to schedule a 30-minute consultation. If you retain our services, the consultation cost will be applied to your retainer.