Protection For Your Income And Assets During A Florida Divorce

For couples of means and significant assets, divorce can bring with it serious concerns about how the property, business holdings and investments will be divided during a divorce. In most cases, high net worth estates are composed of dozens of complex assets and investments, necessitating a need for an aggressive and knowledgeable high-asset divorce lawyer.

At Cofiño Trial Law, our firm has a reputation for excellence representing clients throughout Florida with family law disputes and divorces. We will provide you with professional and understanding guidance with valuing all of your assets and holdings in order to craft a strategic solution for dividing your estate.

Skill And Experience In Handling Complex And High Net Worth Property Division

Attorney Pedro A. Cofiño works with reputable forensic accountants and financial professionals to correctly value and characterize all of your hard-earned assets during your divorce proceeding. These may include:

  • Investment accounts — A forensic accountant must trace the value and growth of the portfolio, including all investments, stocks, bonds and dividend income. We will look at how the investment was financed, whether through marital or separate assets, and how that money helped the investment grow. Any growth attributed to marital assets will be included in the division.
  • Retirement accounts — Our team will value and propose a division of all retirement accounts, including 401(k)s, IRA and pensions.
  • Business ownership or professional practices — Our attorneys will value the couple's ownership in companies, as well as any professional practices that either or both spouses may have. How the practice or business was started, financed and grown will determine if it will be included in the division and how it could be divided.
  • Real estate — All property and real estate must be evaluated, looking at how it was acquired and any increase in value over the course of the marriage.
  • Collections, jewelry and other valuable real property — We work with professionals to accurately appraise all real property that the couple holds.

For a high level of skill and experience in dividing a high-asset estate, call Cofiño Trial Law in Miami Beach today by calling 305-222-7389, or by contacting us online.