Guidance Throughout The Adoption Process

If you are attempting to adopt a child, do not be intimidated by the often complex laws governing the process. At Cofiño Trial Law, there is a lawyer who has the experience and knowledge of the process to help you navigate them with as little added stress as possible. We are prepared to represent clients in Miami Beach, throughout Miami-Dade County and across Florida.

We have helped numerous parents throughout Florida successfully complete adoptions while providing compassionate, high-quality service in related family law matters. Attorney Pedro A. Cofiño and his staff understands what is at stake for you and your future child. We can give you the peace of mind you need.

Assisting Future Parents With All Types Of Adoptions

No matter what type of adoption you are seeking, we will be able to guide you through the process, making sure paperwork is correctly filled out and representing you in any legal proceedings. We have helped parents with:

  • Closed adoptions (in certain circumstances): Within these, information about the child's biological parents is kept sealed.
  • Open adoptions (in certain circumstances): This type of adoption allows the child's biological parents and adoptive parents to have information about each other. This is useful for adoptive parents who want their child to have contact with his or her birth parents.
  • Step-parent adoptions: This is where a step-parent becomes the legal parent of the child who his or her spouse already had.
  • Second-parent adoptions: A person who is not married to a child's legal parent becomes the child's second parent.

We have also assisted parents who needed to utilize the help of a surrogate mother to carry a pregnancy to term. We can help with agreements and then with the subsequent adoption paperwork after the child is born.

Our Family Law Attorney Is Committed To Your Success

Contact Cofiño Trial Law by calling our Miami Beach office at 305-222-7389 or by email to schedule a consultation if you have questions about the adoption process. We will take the time to address all of your concerns. If you retain our services, the consultation cost will be applied to your retainer.