How Is Child Support Calculated In Florida?

After child custody and visitation time have been decided, the court will decide upon a fair and equitable amount of child support to be paid to the parent with primary custody by the supporting parent.

This amount is fairly standardized, based on a straightforward formula. This will draw upon a range of variables, from the income of both parents to the amount of time both parents spend with the child.

Even though the amount is usually based on this formula, there is some discretion given to the judge to increase or decrease the required amount based on certain circumstances.

How Do I Enforce A Support Order?

If you are the primary custodial parent, and the child's other parent is not paying the required amount of child support, it puts your child at risk. We will take the legal steps needed to enforce the child support decree and reinstate these payments.

When Can A Support Order Be Modified?

If you or your child's parent experiences a change in income, lifestyle or time spent with the child, a petition can be filed to modify the child support decree to reflect these changes. Attorney Pedro A. Cofiño will guide you through this process so that the decree in place continues to serve the best interests of the children.

Ensuring Financial Support For Your Child While Protecting Your Financial Interests

It is important that you have a family law attorney who understands how to protect your interests while making sure that your child is provided the amount he or she needs to thrive after a divorce or separation.

At Cofiño Trial Law, our legal team has been helping clients with a variety of family law issues for more than 30 years. We will aggressively pursue the right amount of child support, protecting both you and your child.

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