Pursuing The Rights Of Fathers In Florida

Many fathers carry serious concerns going into a divorce or a family law matter, worried that they will be blocked from spending time with their children. In the past, it was always assumed that the mother would have the upper hand in these matters and be granted primary custody rights of the children.

Trends have shifted from this mentality, however. The court has a responsibility to pass down a decree that is in the best interests of the child, both immediately and in the long term. This means judges are now looking to fathers to step in as the custodial parents.

Even with this shift, fathers throughout Florida should still seek legal counsel so as to ensure the full protection of their parental rights is being afforded to them.

A Look At Father's Rights And Paternity In Florida

If a child is born while his or her parents are married, the father is presumed to be the biological father and is automatically granted parental rights. If a child's parents are not married, however, the father must establish paternity with the court, usually requiring a DNA test, unless his name was listed on the birth certificate by the mother.

At Cofiño Trial Law, Pedro A. Cofiño and his compassionate staff will help you take the necessary steps to establish paternity and file for parental rights. You should know that when you are granted parental rights and child custody or visitation, you may also have child support requirements.

An Unofficial Agreement Between Parents Isn't Enough

Even though coming to an amicable agreement with the mother of your child about a custody arrangement and providing child support may seem like a good idea, the agreement in place may not have your best interests — or your child's best interests — in mind.

Only a court order can fully protect your parental rights. It is also necessary later on, when modifications are needed because of changes in life circumstances.

Protecting Your Father's Rights And Your Relationship With Your Child

At Cofiño Trial Law, we are committed to working toward solutions that protect your rights as a father. Whether you are going through a divorce or seeking parental rights of your child outside of marriage, our family law attorneys have the legal experience and understanding to help you establish those rights and nurture your relationship with your child.

If you are seeking father's rights in the life of your child, contact our Miami Beach, Florida, law office today to learn more about your rights and the protections afforded to you under state law.

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