Seek Help With Your Paternity Action In Florida

If a mother and father are married at the time of a child's birth, the father is presumed to be the biological father and is automatically granted full parental rights following a divorce. If the couple is not married, however, the father must take legal measures to be established as the biological father.

Helping You Take Paternity Action To Achieve Parental Rights

At Cofiño Trial Law, we represent fathers who are seeking to establish their rights through a paternity action, allowing them to maintain relationships with their children. Attorney Pedro A. Cofiño understands how emotional and difficult this process can be, and he will guide you through each step of the process. If the mother of your children tries to block this process, our law firm will aggressively pursue your rights.

How Is Paternity Established In Florida?

In Florida, having your name on your child's birth certificate is not enough to prove paternity if you are unmarried. Additionally, DNA is only one factor the court looks at to determine paternity. We will stand by your side, vigorously pursuing your rights through this difficult family law matter.

Once paternity is established, we will guide you through the process of obtaining custody and visitation time with your child.

If you were not actively involved in your child's life early on, further petitions for additional visitation rights may be necessary to allow you to spend more and more time with your child. If it is not in the best interests of your children to be with their mother, we will aggressively pursue your rights for full custody.

Let Cofiño Trial Law Fight For You

Since 1981, our team of legal professionals has provided caring and aggressive legal representation to fathers throughout Florida from our Miami Beach office.

When you need help, send us an email or call us at 305-222-7389 to schedule a consultation with an experienced paternity action lawyer. If you retain our services, the consultation cost will be applied to your retainer.