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Adult children can be affected by their parents' divorce as well

A growing number of spouses in Florida and elsewhere are deciding to get divorced later in life, a phenomenon known as gray divorce. However, just because the children are typically adults by this stage in the divorcing spouses' lives does not mean they are not impacted by their parents' divorce process. Important steps may help older parents to navigate divorce in a manner that minimizes the adverse impacts on their grown children.

First, it is critical that the divorcing parents avoid putting their children in the middle of the divorce proceeding. Of course, cooperative parenting may be difficult, particularly if a marital breakup was the result of infidelity or financial irresponsibility. However, the parents would be wise to push their differences aside for their own benefit as well as that of their children.

Car accident leads to 1 fatality,1 injury

A man was recently killed in a motor vehicle collision in Florida. Meanwhile, a woman suffered serious injuries in the collision. The reported wrong-way car accident occurred along U.S. 41 on a Tuesday and involved two cars.

Authorities reported that a 41-year-old man was driving with no headlights on. In addition, he was reportedly going south along the highway but in the highway's northbound lanes. Meanwhile, a 23-year-old woman was driving north on the highway.

Divorce may be unavoidable even following marital counseling

When a couple's marriage is on the rocks in Florida, marital therapy may be a viable solution. Marriage therapists strive to help their clients to develop a better understanding of one another's needs. If the two spouses still cannot get along, however, divorce may be inevitable.

The average married couple that chooses to participate in marital counseling have been having issues for around six years. Given this lag time, the relationship is usually already in serious trouble when the two spouses get to the therapy office. After all, they have harbored hurt feelings and endured infighting as well as negative interactions for years. However, they may still try to make an effort to save the marriage.

Genetics may impact one's chances of getting a divorce

According to new research, a person's chances of getting divorced in Florida and elsewhere may be based on more than just nurture -- or their home environments while growing up. Instead, the likelihood of divorce may also be based on nature -- or genetics. In fact, the research indicated that nature may have even more of a bearing on one's chances of divorce than nurture does.

Researchers from two universities conducted the study, which involved comparing the rates of divorce of thousands of adopted children with the rates of divorce of their biological parents. The research study examined children whose adoptions took place before they turned 10 years old. The researchers found that the children whose biological parents were no longer married were more at risk of getting divorced as well.

Race and show animal trainer liabilities

Show and event animal owners frequently employ trainers to work with their animals. When an owner leaves an animal in the trainer's care they expect the animal to be well cared for. Owners have options for seeking compensation if the standard of care is not met.

The role of a trainer

Counseling may help those contemplating divorce

During the dissolution of a marriage in Florida, one spouse typically blames the other spouse for the breakup of the marriage. However, in reality, both partners may have contributed to the marital problems leading to the breakup. Sometimes, going through counseling to deal with personal issues may help a couple to get their marriage back on track and avoid divorce.

If two spouses who are contemplating divorce decide to complete counseling first, it is critical that they select a counselor who has expertise in family systems. This type of counselor will be able to evaluate the familial backgrounds of both spouses, which may provide insight into why they view the world in a certain way. How they look at their world determines their values and also the way they see relationships.

Prenuptial agreements may make divorce easier

Going through the dissolution of a marriage in Florida is often a challenging ordeal both emotionally and financially. For this reason, it only makes sense to try to protect oneself from the negative impacts of a divorce proceeding. This is possible by putting together a prenuptial agreement before walking down the aisle.

A prenuptial agreement's purpose is to spell out what would happen to various assets, such as homes, money and valuables, in the event that a divorce cannot be avoided down the road. When it is well executed, a prenuptial agreement can save two spouses a lot of time and money during the divorce process. In fact, it can even reduce the couple's chances of having to go through stressful divorce litigation in the first place.

Wife's promotion may take toll on marriage, lead to divorce

Couples in Florida get divorced for a variety of reasons, ranging from infidelity to simply growing apart. However, in some cases, divorce happens because the wife in a marriage suddenly becomes more successful from a professional standpoint. This is the conclusion reached through a recent study on the role that females' professional success may play in marital breakups.

The new study revealed that women who do not earn as much as their husbands do when they get married have a greater chance of divorcing if their careers surge all of a sudden. Researchers looked at data spanning 30 years to reach this conclusion. The data covered job candidates both after and before they were promoted.

The risks of selling a horse on installment payments

It seems almost every purchase can be made with installment payments nowadays, including the sale of a horse. While not preferable, there are times when selling a horse on installment payments seems a necessary evil in order to ride out a slow business period.

Financing for equines

Investing divorce settlement requires planning

The dissolution of a marriage in Florida is not an easy experience. However, it provides the opportunity to learn many lessons, both emotional and financial. One of the most important things to learn following divorce is financial investing.

Once a cash settlement has been received as part of a divorce proceeding, determining where to put the cash is a critical decision. At first, a newly divorced spouse may have to dip into this cash to pay bills until he or she can find his or her bearings. In fact, holding onto the cash for a while before investing may be a smarter move than simply investing impulsively, as the cash may prove helpful for covering immediate emergencies.

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