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Auto accident claims 1 life, leads to 3 injuries

One person has sadly lost his life in a tragic car collision in Florida. Meanwhile, three other people were injured. The auto accident involved a single automobile and took place on a recent Saturday evening.

The car crash occurred at round 4:57 p.m. along State Road 267. According to authorities, the car was going north alone the state road when the person driving it ended up losing control of it. The car went across the road's southbound lanes and then onto its shoulder. Police said that after that the car spun and overturned prior to striking a tree.

Prenuptial agreement offers financial protection in divorce

When couples in Florida are ready to get married, they may look forward to many happy years together. The reality, though, is that marriages do not always last no matter how hard each partner may try to make things work. This is why creating and signing a prenuptial agreement before getting married is generally a good idea.

Those preparing to marry can safeguard their finances using legally binding, prearranged agreements between spouses. This type of agreement, called a prenuptial agreement or prenup, spells out how a couple's various assets will be divided in the event that they get divorced down the road. For instance, a spouse can designate that certain valuable paintings that he or she brings into the marriage will remain his or her own property if a divorce occurs.

What divorce does to your workplace

Everyone has a story about that one co-worker going through a nasty divorce. Mostly, you’re probably just happy that it’s not happening to you, but have you ever considered what that situation would look like if it were?

The answer is going to be different for everyone. There is some standard advice for handling work while going through divorce, but there is no such thing as a standard situation. Every divorce is different because every relationship is different.

The relationship between speeding tickets and traffic accidents

Traffic tickets are the bane of any driver’s existence because they slow down traffic and cost money. However, a recent trend shows a correlation between traffic law enforcement and highway safety. Does that mean that ticketing makes highways safer?

The evidence seems to say yes.. A recent review of state records found that there were 33,821 more crashes in counties across South Florida last year than there were in 2012. This rise in car crashes coincides with a drop in speeding tickets and moving violations in the same counties.

Divorce mistakes may make process more complicated

The process of ending a marriage can no doubt be confusing and frustrating. However, the choices made during the divorce process can have long-term implications for all parties involved, so it is critical that those going through divorce focus on seeing the big picture and on staying financially responsible and aware during each stage of the process. Here are a couple of mistakes that many couples make during divorce proceedings in Florida.

First, those going through divorce may be inclined to hold tight to as many assets as they can during the divorce. After all, this is a natural reaction stemming from the desire to stabilize one's surroundings amid all of the changes taking place. However, it makes good sense to view divorce not as a time of the dismantling of one's life but rather of rebuilding it. Asking oneself if a particular item is truly important is a good reality check. Sometimes, it may be best to let a particular item go, or trade it off as against something of greater importance and move on.

Auto accident leads to 1 death, multiple injuries

A man recently lost his life in a tragic car accident in Florida, leaving his family members grieving and wondering how such a crash could have happened. Multiple people were also injured in the crash. The auto accident, which involved three motor vehicles, took place along Interstate 295 on a Saturday.

The fatal collision occurred at a little past 5:30 p.m. According to police, a car was headed south along the interstate and hit the back of another car. The motorist in the first car then reportedly entered the path of a third car. In response to the first car, the third car overturned and crossed the guardrail, thus ending up in the highway's northbound lanes.

Divorce may affect eligibility for college financial aid

Trying to figure out whether a child is eligible for college financial aid can certainly be confusing. However, the process can be even more overwhelming for those who are going through divorce. Here is a look at what to expect when it comes to financial aid following divorce in Florida.

When it comes to determining whether a child of divorce is eligible for university financial aid, some colleges look at the custodial parent's financial situation only. On the other hand, some institutions look at the incomes/assets of not only the custodial parent but also the noncustodial parent. This is important in that a large amount in income and assets will cause a family's expected financial contribution to increase.

Many spouses confused about property division during divorce

Dividing property is commonly one of the most acrimonious aspects of a marital breakup. Part of the problem is that many spouses who are going through divorce have misconceptions about what property distribution means for them according to state law. Here is a look at a couple of these misconceptions in equitable distribution states, such as Florida.

In an equitable distribution state, all marital property is split in a fair, or equitable, manner. That means that property division might not necessarily be a perfectly even split. This is opposite of what takes place in a community property state, where assets are divided 50/50 in all situations.

New tax law complicates divorce process

The dissolution of a marriage in Florida is a complicated process that can no doubt be overwhelming both financially and mentally. However, the new tax law is complicating divorce even more for many couples. This is particularly the case for those with minor children as well as those who have created prenuptial and postnuptial agreements.

The new law has eradicated the personal exemption for the tax years of 2018 to 2025. This means that a multiplier of kids is no longer available as a tax deduction on a parent's tax return. It is still critical for divorcing parents to decide who will end up claiming the children though, as although the exemption total is $0 now, claiming the children might qualify a parent for extra child tax credits that are far more generous with the new code. For those with young children, the exemption is slated to return to $4,000 or more per individual in 2026.

Divorce can hurt your retirement

Divorces don’t have to be contentious, but often they involve sensitive issues that both sides feel passionately about. One such issue is how divorce makes an impact on retirement plans, and important changes to tax law make this a larger problem than ever before.

Overall, roughly half of the country will see a decrease in standard of living in retirement, and a divorce increases those chances. With coming updates to the way taxation counts alimony payments, that low readiness is an even greater challenge for those getting divorced later in life.

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