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Postnuptial, prenuptial agreement may make divorce easier

As two people say their I Do's in Florida, they may look forward to spending many years, even decades, together. Unfortunately, sometimes, financial issues cause marriages to weaken, ultimately leading to divorce. This is precisely why developing a prenuptial agreement is becoming increasingly popular for soon-to-be married couples in Florida. However, for spouses who are already married, they can still put together a postnuptial agreement, which serves the same purpose as a prenuptial agreement -- to safeguard assets in the event of divorce.

Prenuptial agreements can detail how spouses plan to utilize their incomes along with their assets in their marriages. These legal documents, however, can also provide information on how they plan to split their property if they decide to divorce in the future. In the same way, postnuptial agreements can explain how people would like to divide their assets in divorce, as well as handle issues such as alimony.

How to avoid parking lot accidents

With the holiday shopping season in full swing, many people are spending more time at retailers, shopping for the perfect gift for everyone on their shopping list. According to the National Safety Council (NSC), auto insurance companies always see a spike in claims that starts around Black Friday and continues through the holiday season.

Older individuals face special challenges following divorce

Ending a marriage in Florida can certainly be difficult at any age. Still, people who are approaching their golden years may especially find divorce to be difficult due to having to tackle issues that do not necessarily plague younger couples. These issues include health insurance as well as long-term care.

Individuals who relied on their spouses' employment-related health insurance during their marriages can fortunately still use this insurance following their divorce proceedings thanks to COBRA. The downside of using COBRA, though, is that the premiums will skyrocket, as these individuals will be required to pay the parts of the premiums that their now ex-spouses' employers were previously paying. Of course, these individuals can simply search for new insurance options, but they might have trouble finding insurance that will cover them given their age and health conditions.

Car accident leads to 1 death, 2 injuries

A young woman recently lost her life in a tragic motor vehicle collision in Florida. In addition, two other people were seriously injured in the car accident. According to police, two other drivers' speeding caused the fatal collision.

Police reported that a 74-year-old man was driving a car down a street at about 6:30 p.m. With him was a woman, 20. At the same time, a 53-year-old man was driving a pickup truck next to another pickup truck on a nearby street. According to authorities, the two pickup trucks were speeding.

Coach and attorney may make divorce process easier to manage

Making the decision to get divorced can elicit feelings of freedom but also a sense of apprehension. After all, divorce in Florida is complicated from both a financial and an emotional standpoint. For this reason, along with tapping into the expertise of an attorney, some divorcing individuals are finding value in hiring a divorce coach.

Divorce attorneys and coaches have two separate functions. The main focus of an attorney is to offer clients legal direction and let them know about their rights. A divorce coach, however, is focused on giving clients the support they require to navigate their divorce proceedings as peacefully as possible.

Divorce has a few positive aspects in Florida

People in Florida and other parts of the United States often dream of marrying their lovers -- and staying married forever. In fact, one could consider a long, fulfilling marriage to be a part of the American dream. Unfortunately, for a significant number of people in the country, marriage ends up being a nightmare instead, and divorce is unavoidable. Although divorce certainly has its challenges, there are some underrated aspects of it that are worth calling attention to as well.

First, according to research, about 75 percent of married individuals have in-law issues. Mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law especially tend to have serious conflicts. However, when people get divorced, they are also divorcing their spouses' relatives. As a result, they can bid adieu to toxic in-law relationships and experience the peace and freedom that come with it.

Pedestrian accident at bus stop leads to 5 injuries

Five people have sadly been injured at a school bus stop in Florida. The pedestrian accident took place on a Thursday morning. Apparently, the injury accident was the result of a speeding automobile near the bus stop.

According to authorities, a car was moving quickly while going east along an avenue. The car then suddenly struck five individuals on the street's south side. Two of the people who were struck are adults, whereas the other three are children. Police said that more people could have been injured in the crash, but they were still in the process of examining the crash scene.

Divorce can be particularly challenging for young children

When people get married in Florida, they naturally expect to enjoy marital bliss for years to come. Of course, this is not always realistic depending on the challenges that a married couple may face. Unfortunately, not just the spouses but also the children may end up being impacted by an inevitable divorce. Still, parents can take a few steps to make the transition to divorce easier for their little ones.

A particularly wise move that parents can make during divorce is to help children to maintain routine and consistent lives. The more consistent their lives are, the more control they can feel during the marital breakup. As a result, they may feel better equipped to handle the life changes that divorce causes.

Mediation may help to reduce conflict during and after divorce

In some situations in Florida, two spouses may not be able to work out their differences. As a result, they have no option but to move forward with divorce. Mediation is one form of alternative dispute resolution that can help to reduce the level of conflict often associated with going to divorce trial.

The mediation process involves three people: the two spouses and the mediator, a neutral party. With the mediator's help, the two spouses can work toward an agreement that satisfies both sides. Alimony, property division, as well as individual and family goals are some of the issues to be resolved.

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