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Who gets the dog post-divorce?

The process of getting divorced is trying and challenging for families. Two lives are being disassembled, and if children are involved, that number increases.If you are considering divorce, you have certainly thought about custody of your children, the division of your assets and how matters for the entire family will be handled in the future.

You've heard of different ways in which people have handled these scenarios, but how familiar are you with the ramifications divorce can have on your beloved dog, specifically regarding custody? 

Thinking of making breeding income from your horses?

Entering into any business venture requires research, but when it comes to working with live animals, you may need more than that. Breeding horses can be a complex process whether you do it here in Florida or elsewhere since you need to understand their behavior, the nuances of foaling and how new foals should develop. Without the proper knowledge and experience, making sufficient breeding income to make the effort worth it could be problematic.

As is the case with many other animals, horses have a natural breeding cycle. For instance, a mare's reproductive hormones are triggered during the daylight hours. Many horse breeders use artificial light to simulate this effect. This helps explain why thoroughbred horses are born on New Year's Day. Since horses gestate for approximately 11 months, that would make February the time to breed.

The benefits of collaborative law in a Florida divorce

There is enough trepidation surrounding getting a divorce without being wary of the process as well. When Florida couples consider divorce, they often envision a lengthy and costly process filled with arguments, delays and heartache. Using collaborative law to resolve divorce issues is designed to remove that contention in lieu of a more amicable atmosphere.

For the process to work, both parties must be willing to be candid, open and honest with each other. In fact, they will sign an agreement indicating that they agree to work in good faith. All negotiations are conducted with an aim toward fairness. Each party has the opportunity to speak -- and the other must listen.

Keeping your divorce friendly has its benefits

Was there an issue of infidelity in your marriage? Did one of you make poor financial decisions or lie about the marital assets and other finances? Were there other issues in your marriage that would make it difficult to keep your divorce friendly? If you answered "no" to these questions, then you may be able to have an amicable divorce as many other Florida couples have.

One of the biggest benefits to keeping things friendly is that you and your soon-to-be former spouse retain control over the outcome. You can negotiate your own settlement, which can include inventive and unique solutions to your issues. As long as nothing in your agreement violates public policy or current Florida laws, your settlement should be approved by the court.

3 suffer severe injuries in wrong-way crash

Every Florida driver knows that the double yellow lines create an invisible barrier between the two directions of travel. Unfortunately, without a physical barrier, the potential for a vehicle to stray into the oncoming lane of traffic remains. When this happens, people often suffer severe injuries in the resulting crashes.

This is what happened on a recent Friday afternoon. A 31-year-old man and his two passengers traveled east on a roadway with no idea that they were about to encounter a westbound vehicle in their lane. As the two vehicles approached each other from opposite directions, the eastbound driver attempted to get out of the way, but was unable to avoid colliding with the wrong-way vehicle.

Caveats when buying purebred dogs

Thinking about getting into show business? How about the dog show business? If you are, you may be in the market for purebred dogs to raise and show. If you have not dealt with Florida breeders before, you may need some advice on how to help ensure that the animals you purchase are what you expect. As with most other purchases, you get what you pay for, and in the breeding world, "buyer beware" still applies.

Some reputable breeders have websites, but the majority of them have no need to advertise online because people are willing to wait for one of their puppies. Be careful of choosing an animal online. In addition, if the person from whom you are buying a puppy does not want you touring their breeding facility, there is more than likely a problem. You may want to run the other way if the breeder requests to meet elsewhere to do business.

What can you expect when dealing with insurance companies?

After suffering injuries in an accident, you will more than likely turn your attention to filing claims seeking compensation for your injuries and property damages. Other than knowing to make a call to the insurance companies involved, you may be like other Florida residents who are not quite sure what the claims process actually entails. Knowing what to expect may take at least some of the frustration out of the process.

As is the case in many Florida accidents, you may file two insurance claims. If the crash was the fault of the other driver, you may file a third party claim with the insurance company of the other driver. If that person does not have enough insurance to cover your losses, you may file a first party claim with your insurance company. The type of claim you file could also depend on the type of accident in which you were injured.

How safe are you in your favorite store's parking lot?

The end of Daylight Savings brings the "fall back" of clocks by one hour. The day where the setting sun comes sooner also coincides with the launch of the holiday shopping season.

By November, parking lots and structures will be at capacity. An increased number of vehicles equal an increased number of shoppers. Pressed for time during the day, many people who are looking for the best deals are showing up to make purchases later in the evening. That increased foot traffic and low visibility could bring a rise in thefts and physical attacks against unsuspecting victims.

Are your child custody negotiations not going so well?

Getting a divorce is challenging enough, but when you have children, it can quickly become even more complex. You may have started out thinking that you and the other parent could work out your own child custody arrangements without any help. Unfortunately, the emotional roller coaster that often comes with a Florida divorce may keep one or both of you from remaining focused on the best interests of the children, or you may have encountered unforeseen complications.

Perhaps things went well enough that the two of you came to some sort of loose agreement regarding visitation while you worked out a more permanent solution. The arrangement went well for a bit, but then things began going downhill. The other parent may be interfering in your time with the children by rearranging overnights, cutting your visits short and failing to be at the prearranged drop off on time. This could simply be an emotional response to the end of the marriage, and may just need some redirection.

Reviewing show dog breeding contracts

Entering into any kind of agreement requires careful consideration and review. This includes show dog breeding contracts that individuals may enter into here in Florida. Those who are new to this arena may need extra guidance and support with these legally binding contracts whether they are breeders, trainers or owners.

Moreover, many people in the dog show world know each other and may even be friends, but that does not necessarily mean that they can skip this important part of the process. Even friends need contractual agreements when it comes to their livelihoods. In their most basic form, nearly every breeding contract includes provisions regarding the dog's lineage and health.

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