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Understanding Falls on Ice and Snow in Illinois

As this past winter has repeatedly and dramatically demonstrated, snow and ice accumulation are a fact of life in Illinois. Unfortunately, so are the painful, life-altering injuries that can result from a hard fall on ice or from tripping over a snow covered defect on the ground. The insurance companies have successfully lobbied government officials to shield businesses (and their insurance policies) from fairly compensating people injured by their own failure to clear ice and snow. As a result, it is generally the rule in Illinois that there is no duty for a business to clear snow or ice, even if a municipal ordinance requires them to do so. There is also no general duty to warn patrons of natural accumulations, including when water and ice is tracked into stores. Currently, there are only three situations in which a person can recover for a fall caused by snow or ice, however the attorneys at Kanoski Bresney  are well versed in all three.

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