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Tractor operators may soon have help in the event of a rollover

Agriculture is ranked as one of the most hazardous industries in our country today. Illinois agricultural workers are at risk every day of tractor accidents, combine accidents, grain bin explosions and more. Due to the involvement of machinery, resulting injuries can result in the loss of limbs or even life. The ability to be aware of an accident and respond as quickly as possible is one component to ideally minimize the severity of injuries or save lives. Many farm accidents happen in a second and leave the victim unable to call for, or otherwise obtain help.

Given that tractors are often utilized on parts of a commercial farm with little to no other structures or roads nearby, accidents frequently leave the operator alone. It is estimated that about 10 percent of tractor operators will be involved in a rollover at least once in their working years. 

However, commercial farms may soon be able to utilize mobile technology to get help in the event of tractor accidents resulting in rollovers.  An app designed to automatically send both phone and email messages in the event of a detected tractor rollover is in the final phase of research now. If approved, the app would be available for download to any smartphone or tablet device and installed on the actual tractor for maximum accuracy.

Safety measures are a high priority on any farm and accident prevention should be the primary focus. However, in the event of farm accidents, the ability to react as soon as possible is another way to keep workers safe. It can also be helpful for employees to understand their rights and the laws surrounding workplace safety on a farm. A personal injury attorney with experience in representing farm workers can advise employees and their family members about their rights and how to best be protected.

Source: Iowa Farmer Today, “Sensors trigger alert immediately after accidents,” May 13, 2013

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