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2 women injured by alleged drunk semi truck driver

Most people get in their cars everyday and trust that they will safely reach their destinations. Fortunately, this is the case the majority of the time. However, a motor vehicle accident can happen at any time and in rural Illinois, it may involve another vehicle, a truck, a tractor trailer or more. Such accidents can result in great damage and personal injury.

Increased safety on rural roads urged as harvest season nears

Farm accidents in Illinois have become a great concern to local residents. As new developments continue to arise throughout what had previously been only rural farm land, there is increased activity of "regular" vehicles along with farm equipment on the roads. This mixture can lead to an increased chance for problems such as tractor accidents.

Suspected DUI driver causes 1 death, 4 injuries on local road

Car and truck accidents can always be dangerous and rural Illinois roads are susceptible to a variety of traffic from tractors to farm trucks to cars and more—including bicycles as many local Amish residents use bicycles as a means of transportation. It is important for all motorists to be aware of other vehicles, tractors, bikes and pedestrians on the roads at all times.

Failure to protect workers results in fines for Illinois company

Employers are required by law to provide proactive safety measures including training and inspections to ensure a safe environment for all employees and to minimize the risk of workplace injury. The guidelines developed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) are implemented with these same goals in mind.

Grain bin safety highlighted by Midwest farm bureau

Midwest farmers are keenly aware of the risks inherent with farming. Safety on farms around equipment from tractors to grain bins to combines and more is a must. The life of every farmer depends upon proper safety procedures and awareness and every farm owner or manager has the responsibility to provide the safest working conditions possible.

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