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Gilson man killed in random accident while still atop tractor

Farming and agricultural work is among the most dangerous professions in the U.S. Farm workers are often tasked with operating heavy machinery, dealing with large animals, and working in general conditions that can be conducive to accidents. Yet even with the extra emphasis being placed in recent years on farm safety protocols in Illinois, the potential for serious accidents with tragic outcomes remains high. Often it's due to these accidents occurring in rural areas where emergency responders are not able to arrive in sufficient time to administer care. Beyond that, farm accidents are often simply attributed to the unique nature of the work being done.

Former investigator concerned with handling of elder abuse cases

People who place elderly loved ones in the care of nursing homes in Springfield put a great deal of trust into the home’s caregivers. The violation of that trust through abuse can be heartbreaking, and often can have tragic consequences. What makes nursing home abuse all the more egregious is that it is perpetrated against victims that have little to no capacity to defend themselves from it. In such cases, it may up to the family and friends of those victims to fight for them. However, the difficulty in taking up that fight is knowing in whom one can trust to handle these claims of abuse.

Illinois providers benefit from settlement with health insurer

Employees injured in workplace accidents in Sangamon County are often already hesitant to file workers' compensation claims because they fear causing friction with their employers and any potential repercussions that they believe they may face by doing so. While they shouldn't have to worry about these potential consequences, they should also be able to rely on the insurance companies paying out for workers' compensation claims providing adequate funds to cover their medical expenses. Any concerns about not receiving sufficient funds to help pay for their medical bills may discourage injured workers from filing claims even further.

A year later, charges filed in connection to major car accident

Each year, millions of people are effected by serious and catastrophic accidents. And even in instances where lives are spared, Illinois auto accident victims and their families can have an incredibly difficult time recovering from physical and emotional injuries. Even though their current medical condition is not stated, two sisters may be relieved to learn that the man accused of causing their near-fatal collision is facing criminal charges.

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