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Fall while harvesting may be the cause of Murrayville man's death

Many in Sangamon County don't realize this, but one of the most dangerous professions in Illinois and around the country is farming. While advances in agricultural science and new technologies have definitely made a farmer's job easier, they've also made it deadlier. When operating heavy equipment or machinery, a momentary lapse in one's awareness of his or her surroundings can have disastrous results. Yet not just farmers are at risk. Farm employees or family and friends that come to help out are just as likely to be injured or killed in farm accidents, often even more so due to the fact that they aren't completely familiar with everything going on around them.

State cites Lebanon care center for leaving a man at a truck stop

Illinois officials take accusations of nursing home neglect very seriously. Abuse from nursing home staff is not only a violation of the public trust, but these facilities also require state licensing to provide care for residents. If and when abuse happens, it may not only reflect badly on the care center, but on the state licensing board whose job it is to oversee such facilities as well. As such, one of the potential penalties that a nursing home may face in the wake of accusations of neglect or abuse is restrictions or revocations of their state licenses.

Rockford football players denied workers compensation coverage

People put a lot of dedication into their careers and, by extension, the Sangamon County companies that they work for. It's their hope that if they are ever injured on the job, they'll be able to rely on their employers to compensate them for any medical expenses associated with the accident. It's important that employees understand what their employment agreements or contracts entitle them to in the event of an injury. Failure to know what those benefits are can leave one unprotected in dealing with their medical expenses.

Springfield woman cited in rear-end collision

Car accidents in Springfield are all too common on today's roads. Even as vehicle safety standards have improved and new features have been created to help people try and avoid accidents, they still occur. Unfortunately, there's nothing that vehicle engineers can do to remove human error from the equation, and more often than not, that's usually what causes most car collisions. The number of ways that a driver can make a mistake behind the wheel that leads to an accident is endless, ranging from driving while impaired to simple carelessness or lack of attention.

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