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Center cited for not protecting others from aggressive resident

Most cases of nursing home neglect in Springfield tend to center on employees neglecting or behaving inappropriately towards the residents in their care. But what about those times when violence occurs between two residents? Often the people residing at these centers suffer from conditions such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. Even though these people are typically placed in isolated units away from the general resident population, they are still often in close quarters with others dealing with the same struggles that they are. Knowing this, it may not then seem that shocking to hear of residents acting out against each other. Yet when one of these incidents result in an injury to one or both of the parties involved, who’s responsible? Can a nursing home or care center be held liable for the action of those not under its employ?

Chicago man denied full workers compensation from Wendy's

Many in Springfield dedicate much of their lives to the companies that they work for. While one might argue that dedication is only due to the financial remuneration that they receive, he or she may be discounting the pride that many have for their employers. Those employees hope that pride and dedication is repaid during those times when they need their employer's support the most. And while most companies are pretty good about honoring their obligations to their employees, there are those rare times when an employee is left without needed assistance from his or her employer. Sadly, that lack of help often affects an employee's dedication, leading to further complications in a working relationship.

Driver loses control of 18-wheeler during sneezing fit

The long haul truckers driving through Springfield are typically well-trained to handle the vehicles that they operate. Yet that doesn't mean that they are immune to accidents. Because of the challenges that come from the extreme size of the vehicles, even a momentary slip can result in a tragic accident. In the event of such an accident, the large cargos that these tractor trailers typically haul can quickly turn into a downpour of dangerous debris, which could prove catastrophic for the vehicles around them.

Illinois nursing homes can be held responsible for their mistakes

We previously covered a story about a Chicago nursing home patient who caught fire at a nursing home only a few days before he was to be released. Tragically, the nursing home failed to provide sufficient care before the rescue crew arrived, and it is believed that had nursing home staff sufficiently aided the man he could have survived. What is truly upsetting about this case is that the nursing home has been cited for failing to properly train staff, meaning the staff on duty likely did not how to properly care for burns.

State police looking into cause of fatal Litchfield car accident

Not all of the vehicles on Springfield's roads are created equal. It's often because of this that some walk away from car accidents involving multiple vehicles without a scratch on them, while others in the same accident never walk again. Each car, truck, and SUV faces unique challenges on the road because of its size and design. Drivers should familiarize themselves with the on-road characteristics of their vehicles. Failure to do so may end in tragedy.

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