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Chicago man denied full workers compensation from Wendy's

Many in Springfield dedicate much of their lives to the companies that they work for. While one might argue that dedication is only due to the financial remuneration that they receive, he or she may be discounting the pride that many have for their employers. Those employees hope that pride and dedication is repaid during those times when they need their employer's support the most. And while most companies are pretty good about honoring their obligations to their employees, there are those rare times when an employee is left without needed assistance from his or her employer. Sadly, that lack of help often affects an employee's dedication, leading to further complications in a working relationship.

A Chicago man no doubt had such feelings of neglect after being denied needed workers compensation benefits after sustaining a workplace injury that left him laid up for almost two weeks. The man fell down the stairs at the Wendy's restaurant that he worked for, injuring his shoulder. Much to his surprise, the company only offered one day of worker's compensation. Community supporters rallied on behalf of him and other employees who felt mistreated by the restaurant's management group, but no word was released as to whether the company planned to compensate him for any more of his lost wages.

When one feels mistreated by his or her company in the wake of a workplace injury, he or she may be entitled to initiate legal action against them. Such an undertaking can be a complicated process. One may wish to have a lawyer with experience in workers compensations cases in his or her corner before beginning this process. 

Source: Progress Illinois "Worker's Group Rallies Behind Two Fast Food Employees Alleging Mistreatment, Wage Theft" Aaron Cynic, Nov. 12, 2013 

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