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Illinois nursing homes can be held responsible for their mistakes

We previously covered a story about a Chicago nursing home patient who caught fire at a nursing home only a few days before he was to be released. Tragically, the nursing home failed to provide sufficient care before the rescue crew arrived, and it is believed that had nursing home staff sufficiently aided the man he could have survived. What is truly upsetting about this case is that the nursing home has been cited for failing to properly train staff, meaning the staff on duty likely did not how to properly care for burns.

As our article also mentioned, nursing homes can have numerous safety concerns and they may not be the safe and comfortable care facilities Illinois families expect. This is not to say that all nursing homes are mistreating their patients, but it is an unfortunate reality that some facilities do not treat their patients properly.

While no one in Illinois wants to learn that a loved one has been injured in a nursing home, it is comforting to know that the legal system can be used to hold negligent facilities responsible. By working with an attorney who has experience with nursing home negligence, a family can file a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit against the nursing home facility and, in some cases, the individual care providers who failed to sufficiently care for the individual.

It is shocking to think that there are such significant problems in Illinois nursing homes. From a lack of sprinkler systems to a failure to address patients' dental health to mismanagement of patients' finances, nursing homes need to provide better care. If they don't, they could be dealing with personal injury lawsuits in the future.

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