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Authorities deal with fuel leak after Springfield truck accident

The large semi-trucks and tractor trailers one sees driving through Springfield pose a great enough of a threat in their own. Yet often it's not a collision with one of these massive vehicles that one has to worry about in a truck accident; it's the aftermath of such an event. Often, these vehicles transport hazardous materials, chemicals, or combustibles such as gasoline, each of which has lethal potential should any be lost in a spill. Yet even the trucks themselves pose a risk from the large fuel tanks needed to power these large vehicles. Should one of these tanks rupture during an accident, those in the immediate vicinity could be in grave danger.

Peoria car accident leaves Carlinville teen dead

Icy road conditions are not uncommon in Sangamon County at this of the year. Drivers are encouraged to slow down so as to avoid losing control of their vehicles. Unfortunately, there usually always someone who's either running late, who gets distracted, or who just thinks he or she can drive fast that ignores these warnings and ends up in a car accident. Sadly, these drivers aren't the only ones at risk when these accidents happen. They also place any passengers traveling in their vehicles with them in danger.

Woman killed by falling hay bale while working on her farm

While most in Springfield would probably agree that farming can be a dangerous profession, they'd probably also assume that such dangers are presented by complex farming equipment or in encounters with large farm animals such as cows, horses, or bulls. Yet one of the sad realities of farming is that even accidents or freak occurrences that may seem quite simple in nature can end up producing deadly results.

Hidden camera catches 2 caregivers abusing care center resident

Very few in Sangamon County ever anticipate losing the ability to care for themselves. Yet such is the state many find themselves in later in life or after a serious illness or injury. Surrendering one's care to another, particularly in a care center or nursing home setting, can be extremely difficult to deal with, and thus he or she deserves respect and comfort from caregivers in such a situation. Yet sadly, there are times when those entrusted to care for residents in such a setting lose patience with them or, worse yet, cruelly abuse them. Such elder abuse often goes unchecked due to the fact that victims fear the abusers or are simply unable to communicate what's happening to others.

Workers comp trusts get $370 million bailout from New York State

Too many in Sangamon County believe that if they're injured on the job, resolving any workers' compensation issues will be a breeze. What they often fail to realize is that workers compensation funds are like any other insurance company; they don't stay in business by paying out claims. Yet even with disputes over payouts, many private workers compensation funds find difficulties in paying out claims to the employees of clients that carry coverage through them.

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