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Tractors pose serious threat to farmer safety in Illinois

Farming is an important industry in Illinois and across the country, and it can also be one of the most dangerous. People who work in farming often operate heavy, complicated and powerful pieces of equipment that can cause catastrophic damage if something goes wrong.

When age can put Illinois drivers in danger

There are many residents in Springfield who know someone who may not be a safe driver. Some of these people may be new to driving, but others may have decades of experience behind the wheel. It is those in the latter category that may have the most trouble coming to terms with the fact that they are no longer able to operate a motor vehicle safely.

Illinois man killed after crashing into parked semi truck

Many people are aware of how dangerous it can be to get hit by a commercial-sized vehicle. We know that huge semi trucks are heavy and powerful and can cause catastrophic damage in any collision. These vehicles are also difficult to operate and take longer to speed up and slow down. However, a semi truck does not even need to be moving to pose a threat to drivers. 

Illinois drivers: Focus on keeping road workers safe this week

Now that spring is here, many road construction projects will start up across Illinois. Whether they are major reconstruction projects or minor repairs, these jobs require workers to be out on the roads. The people who work in road construction can be in a vulnerable position and are frequently at risk of being injured in an accident.

Lawsuit: Man develops serious bed sores as a result of negligence

Placing a loved one in a nursing home facility is not always an easy decision to make. Families often try to care for an elderly parent or relative on their own, but eventually it may be necessary to move that person into a facility that can meet the physical, emotional and medical needs of vulnerable patients.

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