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Illinois man killed after crashing into parked semi truck

Many people are aware of how dangerous it can be to get hit by a commercial-sized vehicle. We know that huge semi trucks are heavy and powerful and can cause catastrophic damage in any collision. These vehicles are also difficult to operate and take longer to speed up and slow down. However, a semi truck does not even need to be moving to pose a threat to drivers. 

Recently, for example, a man was killed when his car hit a truck that was stopped on the side of the road on I-94 in Illinois. The accident is under investigation, but this tragic crash serves as a grim reminder that even a stopped truck can be a threat to motorist safety. 

There are only a few details about the accident released so far, but what is known is that it was 4:50 a.m. when the crash occurred; more than an hour before the sun came up. It was dark out and there were likely few vehicles on the road at that time. 

For some reason, the man driving the car drifted out of his lane and onto the shoulder, where the truck was stopped. It is not known why the truck was stopped on the side of the road in the first place. It is possible that the trucker pulled over to sleep or tend to a mechanical issue. It is also not known if the truck had lights flashing or reflective tape in place to make the truck visible to others, which would be appropriate for any vehicle to have when stopped on the side of the road in the dark.

Whatever the circumstances were, the man in the car failed to see the stopped truck and crashed into it. He died as a result of his injuries and his passenger was also injured.

Accidents like this one highlight just how dangerous trucks can be, even when they are stationary. Whether a truck is moving or not, operators are expected to comply with state and federal safety regulations intended to keep other motorists safe. If these precautions fail or are ignored, victims of a truck accident and their families may want to consider taking legal action against negligent parties to hold them accountable for damages.

Source: Wilmette Life, "Round Lake Beach man dies after vehicle hits semi on I-94 in Wilmette," April 13, 2014

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