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Some cold, hard facts about car accidents

We often discuss the personal and upsetting toll that a car accident can take on individuals across Illinois. Every crash, every injury and every potential claim involves someone whose life could be dramatically impacted by an accident. It is crucial not to lose sight of this fact.

However, it can also be helpful to consider car accidents and motor vehicle safety on a larger scale. Despite the advancements made in auto manufacturing and increased efforts to enforce traffic laws, hundreds of thousands of car accidents still happen and put lives in danger.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently released a report regarding the cost of car accidents in 2012. The agency's report serves as an important reminder of how extensive car accident injuries and damages can be.

For instance, did you know that an estimated $18 billion will be spent on medical costs for people injured in a car accident in 2012? This includes costs stemming from emergency care as well as those required over a victim's lifetime.

Additionally, every year, car accident victims spend about 1 million days in the hospital for injuries stemming from a crash. 

It may be most shocking to realize that on average, it will cost over $60,000 for a victim's emergency care and additional hospitalization after an accident. 

These statistics paint a troubling picture. Not only are car accidents expensive in terms of property damage, but they can also be costly to victims in regards to medical care and lost wages over time. Individuals may want to keep this in mind as they weigh their options for taking legal action. A hospital stay here or lost day of work there may not seem like a big deal; but in the grand scheme of things, the cost of being in a car accident can be much more substantial than people may realize.

Pursuing a legal claim can be a very effective way to seek compensation for these costs and minimize the financial consequences of being in a car accident. Speaking with an attorney can help victims calculate these expenses and seek appropriate redress.

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