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Farm workers face serious on-the-job hazards

The farming industry looks much different today than it did just a generation ago. Machines are larger and more technologically advanced; certain techniques have evolved over time; fewer people may be needed to do jobs that may now be automated. But at its core, farming is still the same in many ways.

Growing crops and tending to animals still requires physical labor, and people still work long hours outside to provide critical resources for themselves and consumers. Further, all of these responsibilities and tasks still come with certain risks. Whether you work on a smaller family farm or a large, commercial farm, you will face hazards at your job that can put your life and safety in danger.

Farm workers can suffer an injury in several different ways, depending on the nature of the tasks they are performing.

For example, people who work with animals on a farm can be bitten or charged at. Even driving around farm animals can lead to an accident if one gets loose and causes a collision. Farm animals can be very big and strong, so the damage they can do to a person is often quite serious.

People who work with crops can also suffer life-threatening injuries, as they often need to work with huge tractors, plows and combines. With the safety features of these machines have improved over the years, they still have the potential to cause catastrophic injuries if they are operated improperly or malfunction. 

No matter what jobs you may perform at a farm, you likely already understand that it is not easy work. If you do get injured or sick on the job, you should also understand that may be entitled to compensation to help you and your family cope with what could be a devastating condition.

In order to get a solid grasp on what you can and need to do after a farm-related accident in Illinois, we encourage you to discuss the incident with an attorney at our firm. We are well-positioned to help victims of farm accidents and their families understand their options and pursue the financial compensation available. For more information on our approach to these cases, please visit our website.

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