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Wrong-way crashes and what Illinois drivers should know

Driving on city highways and rural roads may seem like two very different experiences, and they often are. However, when it comes to wrong-way driving accidents, the two can be more similar than you may think.

For example, imagine driving home very late at night. You see a set of headlights coming right at you very quickly. By the time you realize that the other driver is not getting out of the way, you may have no place to go to and not enough time to react before the car smashes into yours head-on. Does it matter if you are on a highway in the city or a rural road? 

Drivers who are on the wrong side of the road can pose an enormous threat to every other person on the road. They are typically impaired, fatigued or distracted to the point that they are oblivious to signs, lights and other indicators that they are going the wrong way.

Additionally, because these accidents often happen at night, there may be few other vehicles on the road to serve as a blatant sign of which way a person should be going. Unfortunately, all it takes is one vehicle to be on that road for it to be at risk of getting hit.

An analysis by the National Traffic Safety Board notes that there are several ways to prevent or minimize the chances of these types of accidents. The NTSB recommends that multiple factors be in place to address this situation, from fixing problematic highway entrances to improving lighting and signage. It also recommends strengthening efforts to address drunk driving, elderly driver safety and inattentive drivers.

Unfortunately, accidents continue to happen on roads all across the state because of wrong-way drivers. Wherever they occur, it can be crucial for victims of these accidents and their families to understand that they can and should take action to hold the appropriate party accountable for the damages that are caused by the accident.

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