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If you suffer from RSI seek treatment sooner, not later

Repetitive stress injuries are among the most common in the work setting. They may also be among the most commonly ignored from the standpoint of getting treatment. It's very easy for an Illinois resident with a solid work ethic to put off getting the necessary help they need.

These kinds of injuries certainly qualify as covered by workers' compensation insurance. Unfortunately, what happens too often is that a claim is made long after the first symptoms show themselves. And when it is presented, the claim is denied as being the result of some sort of preexisting condition unrelated to the job.

Pushing back against such actions may seem daunting. Working with an experienced injury lawyer to learn what rights you have and how to exercise them is one way to ease anxiety. And since initial evaluations are usually done for free, it makes sense to set up a consultation.

The thing about RSI is that sufferers may not even know they are victims. The scope of conditions that fall under the RSI umbrella is broad. Have a little tendonitis in the elbow, shoulder or hand after a few hours of work? That could be RSI. If you've been hammering away at a computer keyboard for much of your school and working life, you might have carpal tunnel syndrome. Wrist braces anyone?

Experts agree that getting treatment early is crucial to achieving a speedy recovery. But they also agree that finding a provider who knows how to properly diagnose and treat RSI conditions can be difficult. There are lots of specialists in different disciplines.

Once diagnosed, the patient might need extended visits with occupational or physical therapists. And finding the right specialist in that arena can be a challenge, too.

RSI isn't something to take lightly and obtaining the benefits one is entitled to isn't something that should be taken for granted.

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