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Gauging likely damages for truck crash injury takes experience

If you cut your finger, you can pretty well guess what it is going to take to fully recovery. It might require nothing more than an adhesive bandage, maybe several of them. More serious lacerations might need stitches and more concern about possible infection. In any event, there's little chance that the circumstances will warrant even considering seeking recovery through a personal injury claim. It just wouldn't be worth the effort.

The same probably won't be true for any resident in Illinois injured in a vehicle collision in which a semitrailer truck is involved. Such crashes often result in serious injury or death. If damages can clearly be attributed to negligence or carelessness on the part of the trucker or another driver, seeking compensation might be appropriate.

Putting a suitable and realistic number on how much to claim, however, takes more than estimating the cost of Band-Aids. Besides taking into account all the medical costs that were incurred in the immediate aftermath of a crash, thought has to be given to whether any future medical expenses might be possible. If the victim loses wages from missing work or can't return to work at all, that income needs to be measured. A cost for pain and suffering may also be assessed.

It might be easy to think that such an accident will never happen to you, but such denial could be risky. National statistics reflect that crashes involving trucks are not rare. Indeed, the most recent report from the National Traffic Safety Administration shows that fatal accidents involving trucks rose by 4 percent in 2015 compared to 2014. The numbers offered this month in the NHTSA Crash Stats report are preliminary but they are still telling. In the Upper Midwest region, including Illinois, the rate of crashes rose 9 percent.

If a loved one or you have been injured in a collision in which a big rig truck played a role, speak with an attorney to be sure you understand your rights. Initial consultations are free.

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