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Are you facing legal disputes regarding a show animal?

As of late, the media here in Florida and elsewhere has focused on what happens to pets when couples divorce. Legal disputes such as this regarding household pets can become contentious enough, but what if you own a show animal? The value of the animal goes beyond simple love -- it is an investment, and often an expensive one.

Most breeders, handlers and owners enter into contracts regarding animals that are destined for the show ring in order to protect each party. Care needs to be taken when drafting these agreements, and each party's rights and responsibilities regarding the animal in question need to be as detailed as possible. In many cases, avoiding confusion will also help avoid legal action due to a breach of the contract.

However, even carefully worded contracts get breached. The more detailed a contract is, the better off you could be if you accuse one or more of the parties to it of not fulfilling their end of the bargain. If you suffered losses due to one party to a show animal contract failing to meet his or her responsibilities, you have every right to speak with an attorney. You may hope that the issue can be resolved without going to court, but in some cases, that just is not possible.

If legal disputes cannot be resolved amicably, your attorney should be prepared to take the case to trial. Granted, a Florida contract attorney could probably do an adequate job on your behalf, but someone who regularly deals with show animal contracts and the potential disputes associated with them may be the better choice. Understanding the nuances associated with these contracts could provide you with a better resolution to your issues.

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