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Need help resolving your issues? Try collaborative divorce

In decades past, ending a marriage involved either going to court or working out a settlement directly. No gray area really existed for those couples who did not think they needed to have a judge make decisions for them, but were not quite able to come to an agreement without some help. In recent years, the family law community has recognized the need for some middle ground, and mediation and collaborative divorce provide Florida couples with alternatives.

Many Florida couples just need help staying on track, understanding their options and keeping the negotiations from degrading into an all-out battle. So how can collaborative divorce keep that from happening? This method encourages couples to work toward solutions together. The process revolves around cooperation and compromise, which can help set the stage for a post-divorce relationship when children are involved.

In addition to saving the parties both time and money over a traditional divorce, collaborative divorce offers the chance to negotiate a settlement that actually works for a particular family. The parties are encouraged to think outside the box and even to develop a way to resolve conflicts after the divorce is final and the process is complete. Each party has an attorney to help with the legal aspects of the negotiations, and others could be brought in to help such as financial advisers, counselors and appraisers.

Choosing not to go to court provides couples with the freedom to create their own futures instead of having decisions thrust upon them by a court who knows little or nothing about the family. Making the most of that freedom might require some help as would be given in collaborative divorce. Being able to start a new life feeling satisfied that each party was treated fairly goes a long way toward allowing the parties to end their marriage with fewer feelings of anger, resentment and frustration.

Source: FindLaw, "How Collaborative Divorce Works: FAQs", Accessed on April 1, 2017

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