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Did you suffer serious injuries due to negligent security?

Anytime you visit a public establishment here in Florida such as a retailer, gas station or grocery store, along with other public places (hotels or airports, for example), you have a right to expect to be safe. You may be thinking about slip and fall accidents right now. However, ensuring your safety includes providing certain security measures as well. Negligent security could lead to you becoming the victim of an assault, mugging or worse, and the injuries you suffer could be partly the responsibility of the property owner.

A night out with friends ends in fatal car accident

Everyone deserves some time out with friends. However, when alcohol is involved, driving home after the festivities endangers the lives of everyone involved, along with innocent people on Florida's roadways. What began as a fun time could quickly turn into a fatal car accident.

Don't be blind to the benefits of a prenuptial agreement

Love may be blind, but Florida residents and their partners do not have to be when it comes to financial matters. Even as they plan to spend the rest of their lives with their soon-to-be spouses, it would not hurt to also plan for what may happen if the marriage ends. Many people hesitate to broach the subject of a prenuptial agreement believing that it "kills the romance" or "tempts fate," but in reality, it may actually be the responsible thing to do.

Fathers' rights are not presumed when parents are unmarried

Florida's married parents have numerous legal benefits and rights that unmarried parents do not. Fathers' rights is one of the areas where married fathers have the upper hand. The law presumes that any child born of the marriage is the biological offspring of the husband, which gives him all of the rights and responsibilities of parenthood. This same presumption does not exist when a father is not married to the mother when the child is born.

Maserati and Lamborghini issue recalls after fire risk identified

If you travel anywhere in Miami Beach, chances are you've seen a luxury sportscar flying down the freeway or driving around town. While most people associate a high-end price tag with wealth, there's no denying that a higher cost can also mean something else: higher quality.

Texting-and-driving is the bad habit that kills and maims

Nearly every Florida driver has some bad habit behind the wheel, but some are more dangerous than others are. For instance, despite the recent evidence that texting-and-driving kills and maims far too many people each year, drivers continue to do it. Recent surveys illustrate the scope of the problem and drivers' general apathy toward it.

Best in show: Making your show animal contract a sound one

You've finally done it. After all of your diligent research, you've finally found an animal worth your time to show. You're confident you've picked a winner and can't wait to finalize the details that will eventually lead to shows, and potentially thousands of dollars in winnings one day.

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