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Best in show: Making your show animal contract a sound one

You've finally done it. After all of your diligent research, you've finally found an animal worth your time to show. You're confident you've picked a winner and can't wait to finalize the details that will eventually lead to shows, and potentially thousands of dollars in winnings one day.

Before you make any quick decisions, however, you need to understand your rights and the laws that will apply to your situation. There is nothing worse than agreeing to something then finding out later that your agreement is unenforceable or will lead to litigation. The devil is in the details with show animal contracts; and without help from a lawyer, you might not find yourself coming out on top later on.

Written or oral: which is better?

Even though oral contracts are legally binding in Florida, written contracts are considered the better option because the specifics of an agreement can be located and referenced when disputes arise.

With oral contracts, it's someone else's word against your own. This makes it incredibly difficult to dispute in a court of law because you have to contend with the possibility of lying or less-than-accurate memories.

It's all in the details

Though it's considered a best practice to get any agreement in writing, simply having a physical contract is not enough to protect a show animal owner's rights in the event of a dispute. Contracts need to be specific, particularly when it comes to the expectations of each party member. If a contract is not specific enough or if its wording is unclear in any way, it may not be enforceable under state law.

Get someone you trust to review your contract

As is the case across the nation, Florida animal law is highly complex because so much of it is governed by contract law, which is equally as complex. Most people are unaware of the subtle nuances of contract law, however, which tends to result in poorly worded agreements, or even oral agreements, that lead to contentious disputes.

To ensure the protection of your rights and future winnings, it's important to get someone you trust to review the terms of your contract. A lawyer with experience handling show animal contracts, intimate knowledge of contract law and experience in the show animal world is the best choice, as they are better able to identify issues and correct them before they lead to litigation.

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