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Did you suffer serious injuries due to negligent security?

Anytime you visit a public establishment here in Florida such as a retailer, gas station or grocery store, along with other public places (hotels or airports, for example), you have a right to expect to be safe. You may be thinking about slip and fall accidents right now. However, ensuring your safety includes providing certain security measures as well. Negligent security could lead to you becoming the victim of an assault, mugging or worse, and the injuries you suffer could be partly the responsibility of the property owner.

Broken lights and faulty security cameras could be an invitation to anyone who means to do you harm. You might not consider overgrown bushes to be part of negligent security, but they could provide a place for someone to lie in wait for a victim. Of course, the perpetrator should be held accountable for your injuries both criminally and civilly, but if the property owner failed you by not paying attention to keeping you safe, a premises liability claim could be appropriate.

Serious injuries could require a lengthy recovery, or you could suffer permanent damage that could affect your ability to work or enjoy activities that were part of your life before. Medical bills, lost wages and other damages often add up quickly, and may cause you a significant amount of financial strain. The last thing you need after what you went through is to take on a business entity.

You may want to consider enlisting the aid of a Florida attorney who understands what constitutes negligent security. The establishment where you were injured will more than likely have one or more attorneys attempting to keep you from receiving the full restitution to which you may be entitled. Having an advocate on your side could increase your chances of receiving the damages you seek.

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