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Yet another fatal auto accident happened on I-10 recently

Interstate 10 stretches through several states, including the panhandle of Florida. This interstate is the site numerous crashes each year in every state through which it runs. Sadly, yet another fatal auto accident occurred on the roadway recently here in the state.

You can enforce parental rights to medical and school records

Regardless of whether a parent has primary physical custody of a child, he or she typically retains certain rights as long as legal paternity was established through marriage, a paternity action or adoption. Two of those rights address the ability to review medical and school records of the child. A parent may need to enforce parental rights such as these, and protections are encompassed in both federal and Florida law.

The bed of a pickup is not the place to be in an auto accident

Having a pickup truck allows Florida residents who own them to transport large amounts of goods from one place to another. One thing that should not be transported in the bed of a pickup is people. In the event of an auto accident, those in the rear of the truck will more than likely be thrown out of it and seriously or fatally injured.

Do you know how your pension will be divided in your divorce?

Having access to a pension nowadays is fairly rare; but if you do, you could be sitting on an incredibly valuable asset. The only problem is that if your spouse files for divorce, you might only see a fraction of your pension benefits.

Do you have problems registering your purebred dogs with the AKC?

Not everyone who purchases an animal here in Florida or elsewhere cares whether it can be registered with the American Kennel Club. However, if you intend to show or breed the purebred dogs you wish to purchase, you need to know whether they meet the AKC's standards for the breed. Often this means giving the breeder from whom you purchased them a certain level of trust.

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