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Do you have problems registering your purebred dogs with the AKC?

Not everyone who purchases an animal here in Florida or elsewhere cares whether it can be registered with the American Kennel Club. However, if you intend to show or breed the purebred dogs you wish to purchase, you need to know whether they meet the AKC's standards for the breed. Often this means giving the breeder from whom you purchased them a certain level of trust.

That trust could end up being misplaced. The AKC could deny your application to register your dogs. If this happens, it could be for any number of reasons. The breeder may have falsified the pedigree of the sire and/or the bitch in order to be able to say that the puppies are purebred and can be registered. The nature of a show animal could have been misrepresented. 

Other problems could arise with the DNA testing when it comes to breeding operations. Contracts could be forged. Signatures could have been forged to register or show a dog. Any of these issues could leave you with dogs to which the AKC could deny registration, which could cost you. Even if you conducted some due diligence prior to your purchase, these issues could arise. 

What can you do about it? The AKC does not provide you with representation in these disputes. If you did not receive the purebred dogs you were promised, you do have rights. You could, however, enlist the services of a Florida attorney who understands show and breed animal-related issues. Having an advocate on your side who knows this business could prove invaluable.

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