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What are unmarried biological fathers' rights in adoptions?

When a married couple has a child, Florida law presumes that the husband is the father. That same presumption does not exist when the mother and father are not married. An unmarried father may already know that he needs to establish paternity in order to assert his fathers' rights. However, he may not know that it takes more than validating paternity to object to an adoption of his child.

Proving negligence in Florida car accident claims

Florida motorists typically take their responsibilities to their passengers and others on the roadways seriously. However, some drivers fail to meet the expectations of the law and everyone else with whom they share the roads. If you were unfortunate enough to encounter one of these drivers and suffered injuries in a car accident, you may be wondering whether any personal injury claim you file in its aftermath will be successful.

Could mediation help you come to a child custody agreement?

Your marriage may be over, but you and your soon-to-be former spouse understand that your bond as parents will never change. Your relationship with the other parent may be tenuous right now, but you can both see a future in which you can cooperate and raise your children together despite a Florida divorce. You just need some help in order to reach an agreement. This is where mediation can prove invaluable.

Is Tesla liable for the most recent self-driving car accident?

The tragic death of a 40-year-old Ohio man who was killed when his self-driving Tesla car slammed into a truck on a Florida highway wasn't just news for residents here in Florida. This story grabbed national attention as it was "believed to be the first deadly crash in which an American driver was relying on self-driving technology to steer, accelerate and brake the vehicle," explained a USA Today article.

Horse breeding contracts: The live foal guarantee

In most business contracts in Florida and elsewhere, one party agrees to provide a product or service to another in exchange for payment or some other consideration. This usually does not create much of an issue since fulfilling the terms of the contract is often guaranteed. When it comes to horse breeding contracts, that guarantee may not be as easy to rely on for the parties.

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