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Could mediation help you come to a child custody agreement?

Your marriage may be over, but you and your soon-to-be former spouse understand that your bond as parents will never change. Your relationship with the other parent may be tenuous right now, but you can both see a future in which you can cooperate and raise your children together despite a Florida divorce. You just need some help in order to reach an agreement. This is where mediation can prove invaluable.

More than likely, each of you wants to spend as much time with your children as possible. In addition to standard overnights, you will need to work out a plan for vacations, holidays and birthdays, among other special events in your and your children's lives. Numerous factors go into making these decisions. A mediator can help the two of you make realistic decisions regarding parenting time.

Child custody issues often come with high emotions, and you may fight for time with the children despite the fact that the reality of the plan may not work. The mediator can remind you that you need to take a realistic look at your personal and professional schedules before choosing to dig in your heels. Furthermore, mediation encourages you and the other parent to compromise and cooperate in creating the agreement, and those skills could serve you both post-divorce.

Other benefits of mediation include saving time and money. When contrasted with relying on a Florida court, you could reach an agreement in much less time and for much less expense. The benefits the children receive from the two of you working out an amicable agreement without the intervention of the court are numerous. One of those benefits includes letting the children know that you and the other parent care about and love them enough to put aside your differences in order to continue being there for them well into the future.

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