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Are your child custody negotiations not going so well?

Getting a divorce is challenging enough, but when you have children, it can quickly become even more complex. You may have started out thinking that you and the other parent could work out your own child custody arrangements without any help. Unfortunately, the emotional roller coaster that often comes with a Florida divorce may keep one or both of you from remaining focused on the best interests of the children, or you may have encountered unforeseen complications.

Reviewing show dog breeding contracts

Entering into any kind of agreement requires careful consideration and review. This includes show dog breeding contracts that individuals may enter into here in Florida. Those who are new to this arena may need extra guidance and support with these legally binding contracts whether they are breeders, trainers or owners.

5 things to consider when buying a 'show dog'

The process of choosing a breeder holds considerable challenges, especially if you don't know what to look out for. The first step, of course, is to find a reputable breeder; but how do you know your breeder is providing you with a quality pup? Furthermore, how do you know you're actually being sold an AKC dog you can show later on?

Separating fact from fiction in a Florida divorce

Most Florida residents who are parting ways have numerous questions. They may seek opinions and advice from friends, co-workers or family members who have been through a divorce. However, those residents may need to exercise caution because every situation is different and not all information is reliable no matter how well intentioned the person giving it may be.

Police chase ends in deadly car accident

Few Florida residents can argue with the fact that police have a job to do. It is up to them to investigate suspicious activity not only to determine whether a crime is being committed, but also to protect the safety of the public they serve. However, some may wonder whether they go too far in this endeavor. For instance, a recent pursuit ended in a deadly car accident.

Danger Zone: Why lawmakers are considering new speed limits

They don't call Florida the Sunshine State for nothing. On average, Miami alone sees roughly 248 sunny days each year, with a relative high of around 90 in July, explains bestplaces.net. Our state's climate and good weather encourage people to get outside and enjoy nature, doing everything from biking to walking.

Consider the following when drafting contracts for show dogs

A cookie cutter agreement may work for some Florida purebred owners, but for those who own show dogs together, these boilerplate agreements are more than likely going to be woefully inadequate. In order to avoid confrontations and disputes in the future, it may be better to consider drafting contracts that fit the unique circumstances and issues that the parties bring to the table. Otherwise, what should be a mutually beneficial relationship could quickly degrade into a courtroom battle from which neither party really emerges victorious.

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