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Are your child custody negotiations not going so well?

Getting a divorce is challenging enough, but when you have children, it can quickly become even more complex. You may have started out thinking that you and the other parent could work out your own child custody arrangements without any help. Unfortunately, the emotional roller coaster that often comes with a Florida divorce may keep one or both of you from remaining focused on the best interests of the children, or you may have encountered unforeseen complications.

Perhaps things went well enough that the two of you came to some sort of loose agreement regarding visitation while you worked out a more permanent solution. The arrangement went well for a bit, but then things began going downhill. The other parent may be interfering in your time with the children by rearranging overnights, cutting your visits short and failing to be at the prearranged drop off on time. This could simply be an emotional response to the end of the marriage, and may just need some redirection.

Maybe at some point in the process, you or the other parent got a job offer outside of your current area or even outside of Florida. Accepting that offer would change the whole dynamic when it comes to a custody arrangement. You and the other parent may now need more help in working out a plan that gives each parent as much access to the children as possible.

Whether the circumstances remained amicable or not, something has changed that makes working out a child custody arrangement on your own less appealing. You do not have to negotiate an agreement without help. The issues can be complicated, and emotions can sometimes get in the way. A Florida attorney could help keep you on track and may even help salvage your out-of-court negotiations.

Source: thespruce.com, "7 Signs You Need to Hire a Child Custody Lawyer", Jennifer Wolf, Accessed on Aug. 26, 2017

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