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Caveats when buying purebred dogs

Thinking about getting into show business? How about the dog show business? If you are, you may be in the market for purebred dogs to raise and show. If you have not dealt with Florida breeders before, you may need some advice on how to help ensure that the animals you purchase are what you expect. As with most other purchases, you get what you pay for, and in the breeding world, "buyer beware" still applies.

Some reputable breeders have websites, but the majority of them have no need to advertise online because people are willing to wait for one of their puppies. Be careful of choosing an animal online. In addition, if the person from whom you are buying a puppy does not want you touring their breeding facility, there is more than likely a problem. You may want to run the other way if the breeder requests to meet elsewhere to do business.

You may also want to get to know the mother and father of the puppy or puppies you intend to purchase. Their personality traits could be passed down to their pups. If you have an issue with the way one or both behave, you may need to find another breeder. Disposition is an important part of owning and showing a purebred dog. It is not just about looks alone.

Once you choose a Florida breeder, it makes sense to do some additional research. Sometimes, purebred dogs are too inbred and they develop illnesses or defects that could shorten their lives or make them ineligible to show. Take your time and be certain you have chosen the right animal. In addition, you may want to have an attorney thoroughly review the purchase contract to ensure that your rights are covered and your interests protected.

Source: rover.com, "7 Must-Read Tips When Buying a Purebred Dog", Jacqueline Bennett, Accessed on Sept. 21, 2017

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