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Keeping your divorce friendly has its benefits

Was there an issue of infidelity in your marriage? Did one of you make poor financial decisions or lie about the marital assets and other finances? Were there other issues in your marriage that would make it difficult to keep your divorce friendly? If you answered "no" to these questions, then you may be able to have an amicable divorce as many other Florida couples have.

One of the biggest benefits to keeping things friendly is that you and your soon-to-be former spouse retain control over the outcome. You can negotiate your own settlement, which can include inventive and unique solutions to your issues. As long as nothing in your agreement violates public policy or current Florida laws, your settlement should be approved by the court.

Amicable negotiations can also be useful when attempting to determine the best course of action for raising your children post-divorce. They need to know that you and the other parent will continue to be present in their lives. They need stability and security. How you and your parental partner make that happen is up to you. As long as your parenting plan serves the best interests of the children, the court may approve your plan.

Before reaching the court approval part of the process, you and the other party need to sit down and hammer out the details. This may require assistance through mediation or collaborative divorce. In any case, each of you needs to be aware of what you are signing and ensure that each of you are satisfied with the final result.

Source: divorcemag.com, "Conscious Uncoupling and Amicable Divorce: Is It Possible to Stay Friends?", Nicky Gomez, Accessed on Sept. 13, 2017

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