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Were you harmed by negligent security? We can help

Far too often, victims of violent crimes face criticism for being injured. Many are accused of bringing such violence upon themselves by being in an unlit or perceived unsafe area, and few stop to ask if property in which a person was attacked could have been made safer by the owner. Negligent security is a real and serious problem in Florida, and it puts an untold number of individuals at risk for attack.

Was the danger that caused your injuries 'open and obvious?'

Far too many people in Florida get hurt at grocery stores, malls and restaurants, among other public or private establishments, due to some danger on the premises. If those injuries result in the filing of a premises liability claim, the party or parties believed to be responsible for them through some form of negligence may claim that the danger was "open and obvious," which means that any reasonable person would have taken steps to avoid it. The question is whether that fact absolves the establishment's owners, managers or others from legal responsibility.

Who gets the dog post-divorce?

The process of getting divorced is trying and challenging for families. Two lives are being disassembled, and if children are involved, that number increases.If you are considering divorce, you have certainly thought about custody of your children, the division of your assets and how matters for the entire family will be handled in the future.

Thinking of making breeding income from your horses?

Entering into any business venture requires research, but when it comes to working with live animals, you may need more than that. Breeding horses can be a complex process whether you do it here in Florida or elsewhere since you need to understand their behavior, the nuances of foaling and how new foals should develop. Without the proper knowledge and experience, making sufficient breeding income to make the effort worth it could be problematic.

The benefits of collaborative law in a Florida divorce

There is enough trepidation surrounding getting a divorce without being wary of the process as well. When Florida couples consider divorce, they often envision a lengthy and costly process filled with arguments, delays and heartache. Using collaborative law to resolve divorce issues is designed to remove that contention in lieu of a more amicable atmosphere.

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