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The benefits of collaborative law in a Florida divorce

There is enough trepidation surrounding getting a divorce without being wary of the process as well. When Florida couples consider divorce, they often envision a lengthy and costly process filled with arguments, delays and heartache. Using collaborative law to resolve divorce issues is designed to remove that contention in lieu of a more amicable atmosphere.

For the process to work, both parties must be willing to be candid, open and honest with each other. In fact, they will sign an agreement indicating that they agree to work in good faith. All negotiations are conducted with an aim toward fairness. Each party has the opportunity to speak -- and the other must listen.

Attorneys suggest ways to resolve the couple's issues. If others are needed in order to provide the couple with the best information possible in order to make a decision, they are brought into the process. Some of these people may include counselors, financial advisers and appraisers.

The divorce process can be challenging enough without the added discord that a traditional courtroom divorce often fosters. This can make the process especially difficult for children, if any are involved. For many parents, this is the impetus for putting side their own feelings and seeking out an alternative to a courtroom battle.

Collaborative law may even provide a Florida couple with the means to work toward an amicable -- or at least civil -- post-divorce relationship. This can be especially helpful when children are involved. Under these circumstances, everyone deserves the best possible chance at a happy future, and this method of divorce may just be the way to get it.

Source: HuffPost, "Why Collaborative Divorce is a Route Worth Considering", Nikki Martinez, Oct. 1, 2017

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