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Thinking of making breeding income from your horses?

Entering into any business venture requires research, but when it comes to working with live animals, you may need more than that. Breeding horses can be a complex process whether you do it here in Florida or elsewhere since you need to understand their behavior, the nuances of foaling and how new foals should develop. Without the proper knowledge and experience, making sufficient breeding income to make the effort worth it could be problematic.

As is the case with many other animals, horses have a natural breeding cycle. For instance, a mare's reproductive hormones are triggered during the daylight hours. Many horse breeders use artificial light to simulate this effect. This helps explain why thoroughbred horses are born on New Year's Day. Since horses gestate for approximately 11 months, that would make February the time to breed.

Unless you have a pure-bred mare and a first-rate stallion already, you may want to purchase the appropriate horses for breeding. You will also need special accommodations for the mare and foal (during weaning). You need to know the appropriate age for breeding your mare and her estrous cycles.

Another consideration is caring for a pregnant mare. For instance, did you know that she should not be ridden after her sixth month? It could harm the foal.

Once you become familiar with all of the in and outs of breeding horses, you may decide that it is a venture you wish to undertake. Securing your breeding income often requires horse breeding contracts. Just as you more than likely needed help in getting your breeding operation up and running, you will more than likely benefit from enlisting the services of a Florida attorney who is familiar with these contracts and will work diligently to protect your rights and advance your new business.

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