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Far too often, victims of violent crimes face criticism for being injured. Many are accused of bringing such violence upon themselves by being in an unlit or perceived unsafe area, and few stop to ask if property in which a person was attacked could have been made safer by the owner. Negligent security is a real and serious problem in Florida, and it puts an untold number of individuals at risk for attack.

Property owners must be aware of the potential dangers on their property, and most people understand that this means they must implement proper safety precautions. This includes warning of wet floors, fixing faulty pavement and posting warning signs where necessary. It also means that they must take necessary steps to create a secure location. Those that skip over this aspect create opportunities for crimes to occur.

The security required to make property safe will differ depending on where it is located and other factors. Some buildings might function safely with adequate lighting, while others might require security cameras and even patrolling security guards. However, it is not enough to simply implement these changes, as they must also be routinely monitored, fixed and adjusted as needed.

It is a property owner's duty to maintain a safe environment, whether that means addressing physical hazards or eliminating opportunities for crimes to be committed against visitors. When they fail to do so and an individual is harmed as a result, he or she has the right to pursue just compensation related to one's financial, physical and emotional injuries. It can be difficult to prove that a Florida property owner's negligence contributed to a particular incident, and those seeking legal recourse are best served by experienced counsel who understand the complexities of negligent security and premises liability.

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