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Who keeps the show dog after divorce?

While any animal can become a point of contention during divorce, show dogs are more than a typical pet. A show dog can cost you thousands of dollars and become a major focus of your life. Losing a show dog to your ex-spouse would be more than losing a companion; it would be losing a valuable asset. Do you know how Florida's courts would determine ownership?

Did you suffer a slip-and-fall accident at a convention?

Conventions happen all over the country. Many groups consider Florida as a place to hold conventions for reasons obvious to those who live here. Accidents could happen at these conventions, and determining liability in a slip-and-fall accident could be as simple as looking to the host venue, among others.

Show animal ownership disputes over false AKC registrations

A primary purpose of the American Kennel Club is to keep accurate records. When someone here in Florida or elsewhere applies to have their purebred animal registered, it is the job of the AKC to ensure that the animal in question is, in fact, purebred. When it turns out that is not true, the AKC does not get involved in the show animal ownership disputes that may follow.

Rear-end collision involving commercial truck ends in 1 death

Distractions, impairment and speed are just some of the factors that lead to collisions on Florida's highways. It is largely up to law enforcement officials to figure out which factors led to a certain crash. This is the task before investigators after a recent rear-end collision that ultimately involved four vehicles and killed one man.

What should I consider when hiring a handler?

The dream of achieving Best in Show can consume some dog owners, especially those who have a purebred, show-ready dog. And why not? The Best in Show title carries a lot of clout in the showing world. It can mean big prize winnings, a boost to your reputation, and it can bring credibility to a breeder or kennel. This can be incredibly tempting, especially if a dog has a number of quality years ahead of them.

Is adopting a stepchild possible under Florida law?

The short answer to that question is, yes, Florida does allow it. However, a process must be followed before officially adopting a stepchild and considering him or her to be your own. Most people find that the most challenging part of the process is obtaining the consent of the other biological parent. 

3 teens injured in car accident while on the way to a party

Police in Florida are in the process of investigating a single-vehicle crash that left three teenagers injured. The car accident occurred in the Pembroke Pines area on Sunday, Oct. 29. According to the driver's parent, the teens were on their way to a party when the crash occurred.

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