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Best divorce process for a couple depends on certain factors

The goal when ending a marriage in Florida is to complete the process as efficiently and quickly as possible. However, the key to getting through divorce quickly is to choose the right divorce process. These processes include mediation and litigation.

Mediation is an alternative to going to trial that allows two divorcing spouses to work out their differences outside of court. The benefit of this process is that it is less acrimonious and thus generally more palatable than traditional divorce litigation. It is also a more private process, as the decisions made will not end up in the public court records.

Litigation involves going to court to have a judge make final decisions about issues such as asset division. The disadvantage of litigation is that it is a public ordeal and can spark hostility between the two spouses. However, it is inevitable if a couple cannot resolve divorce issues on their own due to the inability to see eye to eye on these matters.

A case that is more complex, such as one where one or both spouses are self-employed, may require litigation if the spouses cannot agree on matters such as alimony. In addition, going to trial is unavoidable if one spouse cannot trust the other one or if neither spouse can trust each other. Meanwhile, if both parties earn income from their own separate jobs and generally trust each other, then mediation may be a viable option. A divorce attorney in Florida can help with navigating either process with the goal of attaining a personally favorable outcome for his or her client.

Source: yourtango.com, "How To Choose The Best Kind Of Divorce For Your Situation", Kevin J. Chroman, Dec. 15, 2017

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