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Advice and expectations impact outcome of divorce

Going through a marital breakup in Florida can understandably be confusing for both emotional and financial reasons. This is true whether a couple has been married for only a few years or for a few decades. However, a couple of tips may help with navigating a divorce proceeding with confidence in Florida.

First, applying the correct advice is paramount for a desirable outcome. Many divorcing individuals look to the World Wide Web for advice, and then become overwhelmed and confused due to the plethora of information online. The reality is that every divorce case is different, so the cookie-cutter information found online may not necessarily help a couple facing a unique set of circumstances.

In addition, establishing realistic expectations from the beginning is critical. In many cases, spouses who are going through divorce do not have rational expectations concerning costs, outcomes and timing. Being honest with oneself during this life-altering process is necessary to make wise decisions every step of the way. Unfortunately, emotions often take over and end up dictating spouses' decisions, which may result in their making costly mistakes.

In many cases, couples in Florida can resolve their divorce issues through informal negotiations rather than going through traditional divorce litigation. The benefit of negotiation is that it is usually less acrimonious than going to trial. Therefore, negotiation is generally a faster and less costly process. Either way, an attorney can offer the guidance necessary to attain the most personally favorable outcome possible, considering the circumstances surrounding the divorce.

Source: forbes.com, "Alleviate Divorce Pain By Avoiding These 7 Common Mistakes", Michael F. Kay, Jan. 9, 2018

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