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Do you want a show animal? Try one of these

Show animals can be an intriguing investment, part money-maker, part stalwart companion and part conversation starter at dinner parties. When most of us think of show animals, however, we think of dogs and horses.

The world of show animals is wide and flourishing and if you are looking to make an investment in a show animal you may consider one of these options.


Also called guinea pigs, cavies are one of Americas most well-known pets for children. They are fairly simple to keep and can come in startlingly beautiful colors and breeds. The American Cavy Breeders Association has a number of resources for you in selecting and acquiring a beautiful new show pet.


Parrots, canaries and cockatiels are all some of the most gorgeous of birds on the planet. They are often intelligent, frequently capable of speech and have long life-spans. A bird like this can become a lifelong companion that offers years of interesting conversation opportunities with guests and sitcom-like misunderstandings.


Teacup pigs, a craze from a couple years back, ended up being false advertising. In the aftermath, however, many who found themselves the owner of a large, definitely not teacup sized, porcine also found them to be intelligent, lovable companions. As anyone who’s seen or read Charlotte’s Web can attest, pig shows at agricultural fairs can be great fun, and also quite lucrative to the right pig owner.


No article about show animals that aren't dogs would be complete without mentioning cats, especially not one written on the internet. Cats, like dogs, come in a wide selection of breeds and show appropriate standards. Understanding the intricacies of cat shows is a labor of love in itself.

Protecting your pet

Whichever type of pet or show animal you choose to get, know that training and documentation will be a vital part of how you move forward with your transactions. You want to ensure that your investment is protected and that your new animal companion is being treated well. Whether you compete with your animal is really a personal choice, but you want to know that you have covered all your bases.

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