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How motorcyclists can avoid most common crash factors

If you are one of Florida’s countless motorcyclists, you probably enjoy the sense of freedom you feel when riding. Among the euphoria, you may also be aware that motorcyclists face greater risks than anyone else on the road. One crash could completely alter your life. Despite the hazards of a crash, your adventurous spirit still inspires you to travel by motorcycle.

The most recent crash data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) found that motorcyclists suffer 29 times as many fatalities as car drivers. The report, published in 2016, can provide a better sense of what commonly causes and contributes to dangerous crashes so that riders might be able to prevent them.

Wear a helmet

Florida law allows riders to forego helmet protection if they are at least 21 and carry a certain amount of insurance coverage. However, IIHS found that 60% of fatally wounded motorcyclists did not wear a helmet among states with similar policies. To maximize your safety, you can provide a well-fitted helmet for yourself and any passengers.

Use caution on nights and weekends

It’s no surprise that roadways become more dangerous at night when your visibility is reduced. In addition, 48% of fatalities occurred over weekends, particularly during nighttime.

Reflectors and lights can help you stand out in the darkness so that other motorists can see you. Watch for drivers who swerve or speed, especially on Friday and Saturday nights, which could indicate that they are intoxicated.

Ride sober

Of course, motorcyclists can avoid driving under the influence to stay safe on their journey. About half of riders who suffered a nighttime fatality had a BAC over 0.08 percent. Following Florida’s DUI laws is an excellent way to decrease your risk of an accident.

You are not solely responsible for your safety on the road. Other drivers must look out for motorcycles by checking blind spots and staying attentive behind the wheel. Even if you do everything you can to prevent accidents, negligent drivers can still wrongly endanger your life. Hopefully, the tips above can at least improve your chances of surviving a crash so you can continue riding another day.

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