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Selling home during divorce requires preparation

The process of getting divorced in Florida can be stressful, and so can selling a home. Putting the two together can lead to a particularly overwhelming ordeal for couples in Florida. However, a few tips may make selling a house during a divorce proceeding easier to navigate.

First, discussing goals is an important move for the couple getting divorced. After the two spouses have talked about what they want from the sale of their marital home, they may want to pick one spouse to be the main communicator with the real estate agent. This will help to streamline communication and prevent confusing or conflicting information that can make the home-selling process even more difficult.

Next, the spouses may benefit from talking about what items to leave as they are versus which ones to address. For instance, perhaps the home's air conditioner is not working. If the spouses do not plan to fix this, documenting this on their listing sheet is paramount. However, it may behoove them to make smaller repairs as needed, such as fixing a leaky sink or replacing hardware that is missing from a cabinet.

The more that divorcing spouses in Florida agree on how to sell their marital home, the more efficient the process will be. The same is true for every other issue they come across during their divorce, such as spousal support or child custody. If they can work out their issues through negotiation, they can avoid further court intrusion. However, if they cannot find common ground, a judge will have to step in and decide for them how these issues will be handled.

Source: realestate.boston.com, "Ask the Realtor: Tips for selling your home during a divorce", Marjorie Youngren, Dec. 21, 2017

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