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Genetics may impact one's chances of getting a divorce

According to new research, a person's chances of getting divorced in Florida and elsewhere may be based on more than just nurture -- or their home environments while growing up. Instead, the likelihood of divorce may also be based on nature -- or genetics. In fact, the research indicated that nature may have even more of a bearing on one's chances of divorce than nurture does.

Researchers from two universities conducted the study, which involved comparing the rates of divorce of thousands of adopted children with the rates of divorce of their biological parents. The research study examined children whose adoptions took place before they turned 10 years old. The researchers found that the children whose biological parents were no longer married were more at risk of getting divorced as well.

In other words, genetics may have an impact on whether two people get divorced. The researchers emphasized that there is no such thing as a divorce gene. However, the results clearly indicated that a correlation does exist between divorce and genetics.

No matter why two people decide to get divorced, the process is understandably challenging, both emotionally and financially. However, two divorcing spouses may feel more in control of the divorce proceeding if they agree to go through divorce mediation or negotiation rather than going to divorce trial. During mediation or negotiation, they can strive to reach an agreement that pleases both sides when it comes to how to divide their assets or how much one spouse should pay in alimony to the other spouse. An attorney can provide the guidance needed to navigate this type of family law proceeding confidently in Florida.

Source: qz.com, "New study finds genes are more important than environment for predicting divorce", Dan Kopf, March 23, 2018

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