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Race and show animal trainer liabilities

Show and event animal owners frequently employ trainers to work with their animals. When an owner leaves an animal in the trainer's care they expect the animal to be well cared for. Owners have options for seeking compensation if the standard of care is not met.

The role of a trainer

A trainer prepares an animal for showing, events or racing. For race horses this encompasses training the animal to accept a rider and readying the animal for the rigors of racing. For show dogs the trainer works with the dog on showmanship and presentation, including paces and poses which vary for different breeds. Experienced trainers are familiar with judges and tracks, providing the animal with a competitive advantage.

Trainers should also be well versed in the basic care of the animals they train, including the ability to administer medicine and basic first aid. Skillful trainers also have a good eye for spotting potential health concerns before a serious condition sets in.

Dashed expectations

When an animal suffers an injury or dies under the care of a trainer an owner may wish to seek compensation for the losses. Owners can bring claims against a trainer to hold them legally responsible for the damage. For an owner to have a successful claim the case needs to have a strong legal basis proving trainer negligence.

The standard of care provisions requires trainers to exercise reasonable care while caring for the animal. This means the degree of care must equal to or exceed the care a prudent and careful trainer would use. A trainer failing to use reasonable care could be found negligent.

Complexities to consider

Filing a suit against a trainer involves more than pointing a finger and declaring blameworthiness. The owner must prove negligence or improper care caused the injury or death to the animal. Proving improper care may require retaining a veterinarian to evaluate medical records and evidence. Owners may be able to recover damages for lost earnings and expenses incurred as a result of the negligence.

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