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Wife's promotion may take toll on marriage, lead to divorce

Couples in Florida get divorced for a variety of reasons, ranging from infidelity to simply growing apart. However, in some cases, divorce happens because the wife in a marriage suddenly becomes more successful from a professional standpoint. This is the conclusion reached through a recent study on the role that females' professional success may play in marital breakups.

The new study revealed that women who do not earn as much as their husbands do when they get married have a greater chance of divorcing if their careers surge all of a sudden. Researchers looked at data spanning 30 years to reach this conclusion. The data covered job candidates both after and before they were promoted.

According to researchers, one of the reasons women may divorce after becoming more successful in their jobs is that the husband is used to prioritizing his career and cannot come to terms with prioritizing his wife's. Another reason is that a woman's job promotion might cause more task renegotiation-related stress. Finally, women may end their marriages if their husbands are not flexible and supportive of their career development.

Whatever the reason for a divorce in Florida, one thing is for certain: The divorce process can be both emotionally and financially difficult. However, if two spouses are able to see eye to eye on how to split their assets and handle child custody and alimony, for example, they can avoid further court intrusion. An attorney can help a spouse to pursue his or her fair share of assets and ultimately attain the most personally favorable outcome considering the circumstances surrounding the breakup.  

Source: fortune.com, "Being Promoted May Double Women's Odds of Getting Divorced", Valentina Zarya, March 5, 2018

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