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Adult children can be affected by their parents' divorce as well

A growing number of spouses in Florida and elsewhere are deciding to get divorced later in life, a phenomenon known as gray divorce. However, just because the children are typically adults by this stage in the divorcing spouses' lives does not mean they are not impacted by their parents' divorce process. Important steps may help older parents to navigate divorce in a manner that minimizes the adverse impacts on their grown children.

First, it is critical that the divorcing parents avoid putting their children in the middle of the divorce proceeding. Of course, cooperative parenting may be difficult, particularly if a marital breakup was the result of infidelity or financial irresponsibility. However, the parents would be wise to push their differences aside for their own benefit as well as that of their children.

Examples of putting the children in the middle include making disparaging comments to them regarding the other party, utilizing the adult children to share messages with the other party and even interrupting the children's time with the other party. If the parents allow their fighting to spill over into their relationships with their children, this can end up damaging the children emotionally. As a result, the parents' relationships with the children could also be damaged.

Getting divorced is generally not a pleasant process even in the most amicable of situations. However, if the two divorcing parties in Florida can find common ground when it comes to matters such as asset division and alimony, they may be able to resolve their issues outside of court. This often makes the marital breakup process a lot less costly and stressful than what spouses experience during traditional divorce litigation.

Source: care2.com, "Parenting Your Adult Children During A Divorce", April 11, 2018

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